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Below is our basic inventory list for meats, cheeses and produce. Please note that our stock changes often. Items that have strike-through lines are currently out of stock. Please send us your wish list of in-stock items and we will do our best to fill your order.

We will have your order ready within 24 hours. You will receive an emailed invoice, which is your notice that your order is ready for pickup. Orders can be picked up any time after you receive your invoice, and can be found in the “pick up fridge and freezer” located on the east outside wall (facing parking) of the farm stand.

Note: Our farm stand also has a variety of wool items that make great gifts, including “farm socks”, yarn and roving, dryer balls, needle felted items, and luxurious sheep and goat skins. Visit during farm stand hours or contact us to make an appointment.

Use our order form below, or email with questions.

Inventory List

Please note that while we update our Inventory list regularly, we may be out of items that you order. Scroll down or use the following links to get to the desired section.

Chicken and Eggs

Broiler Chicken (whole, $7/lb)Contact the Farm Stand to be added to the list for Spring 2021

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Please note that we are not offering any produce at this time. But Spring is coming!

Cheese & Cajeta

The return of cheese production is expected mid-March!

TypePackage SizePrice
Tomme1/4-1/2 lb$40/lb
*Larger Quantities Available

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Lamb and Goat

Package SizePrice per lb
Leg of Lamb/Goat (boneless)3-4 lb$15.75
Leg of Lamb/Goat (bone in) 4-5 lb$14.70
Kabobs 1 lb$17.00
Shoulder (boned and rolled)2-3 lb$13.25
Shoulder Steaks$13.25
Rack- goat only$19.90
Loin Chops2 per pk$19.90
Shanks2 per pk$9.90
Riblets $7.30
Neck (bone in)$7.60
Stew (out of lamb)1 lb$12.35
Ground1 lb$12.35
Liver, Heart, Kidneys, Tongue$5.75
Sausage: Lamb Breakfast,
Lamb Hot and Sweet Italian,
Goat Chorizo
1 lb$13.50

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SteaksPrice per lb
Tenderloin steak (grill/broil/skillet)$26.00
Rib Eye Steak (boneless) (grill/broil/skillet) $23.00
Rib Steak (bone in) (grill/broil/skillet)$22.00
New York Steak  (grill/broil/skillet) $21.00
T-Bone Steak  (grill/broil/skillet)$19.00
Top Sirloin Steak (grill/broil/skillet)$16.00
Sirloin Tip Steak (grill/broil/skillet) $10.50
Hanging tender   (grill/broil/skillet)$16.00
Flat Iron Steak    (grill/broil/skillet)$16.00
Flank Steak    (marinate & grill/broil)$16.00
Skirt Steak   (marinate & grill/broil)$15.50
Tri Tip Steak    (grill/broil/skillet) $14.00
Cross Rib Steak   (grill/broil/skillet)$12.00
Mock Tender Steak   (braise)$10.00
Top Round Steak $10.50
 London Broil Steak (2 inch thick)$10.50
Prime Rib Roast $21.00
Eye of Round Roast   (roast) $11.00
Top Round Roast   (pot roast)$10.50
Bottom Round Roast  (braise, pot roast)$10.50
Chuck Roast$10.50
Cross Rib Roast $10.50
Tri Tip Roast $14.00
Arm Roast $10.50
Mock Tender Roast$10.
Specialty Cuts 
Stir Fry (pre sliced)$12.50
Brisket (pot roast)$11.00
Stew $9.50
Ground beef $9.50
Cross Cut Shanks   (stew)$9.00
Back/Short Ribs   (slow cook) $9.00
Beef Cheeks
Soup Bones and Marrow Bones$3.50
Bones $3.00

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Additional pork cuts will be available in January

Package SizePrice per lb
Ham Hocks (sliced)1.5-2 lb packages$8.50/lb
Loin Chops1 per pk (0.6lb ea)$11.00
Boneless Loin Roast4-5 lbs. $12/lb.
Sirloin Roast (boneless)4-5 lb$10.50
Picnic Steaks0.6-1.5 lb$9.50
Picnic Roast
Butt Roast4 – 5lbs$9.50
Pork Stew
Spare Ribs$9.00
Country RibsApprox. 1 1/2 lbs$9.50
Back Ribs$9.50
Leg Roast (boneless) $10.50
Leg Roast (bone in)$9.50
Leaf Lard$4.75
Back Fat 5 pounds
Side Pork, sliced and unsliced (Pork Belly),
Whole Belly (not sliced)
1 lb
whole belly #10+
Liver, Heart, Kidney, Tongue$5.75
Ground1 lb$9.50
Breakfast Sausage (links) 1 lb$13.40
Breakfast sausage (bulk) 1 lb$13.00
Sweet Italian sausage1 lb$13.40

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We are thrilled to be partnering with Matt’s Fresh Fish in Friday Harbor to stock the farm stand with fish! For more about Matt, check out

Wild-caught Sockeye Salmon boneless fillets$15/lb
Wild-caught Sockeye Salmon boneless portions$15.50/lb

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Hay bales are available for pick up or delivery. Delivery prices depend on the amount of hay, where you are located, and how the hay needs to be stacked. Please provide details in the pre-order form or email us at and we’ll give you a quote.

Mulch Hay — Good for garden beds and bedding for animals. Is a combination of Sedge, pacific silver leaf, a bit of canary grass and several kinds of rush. There is minimal seed.$6/50# bale
Feed Hay — Local mixed meadow grasses.$7/50# bale

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Gift Certificates

We now offer gift certificates – a perfect gift for your favorite Foodie (and don’t forget, we have gorgeous sheep & goat skins too)! Please drop us a line at (or add a note in the order form) and we will get back to you with details.

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